Why do you think we are the top rated real estate from the area?

It is neither magic nor a matter of Lucky: we know what we're doing. We select the homes of according to certain requirements, we use the latest technology advanced on the market, with unique and cutting-edge tools real estate marketing service, and we have the team of professional advisors more prepared and motivated. We make our profession, our passion.

"Your brand is what what do they say about you when you are not present"
— Jeff Bezos, American tycoon founder of Amazon.

Professional photography real estate and Full HD video
There are no second chances to cause a first good impression A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to sell your house. We create the best graphic material to multiply the possibilities of selling your home: professional photographs made by a real estate specialist and full video report HD to reach where the image does not reach.
Virtual visits to properties for sale
Cano&Pujol Estates, the real estate alternative We create cutting-edge graphic material that allows potential buyers visit homes virtually. We talk about interactive visits on an integrated navigable plan that generates a completely immersive. At the same time, virtual homestaging helps us to recreate virtual future scenarios, a very useful resource to assess the commitment to reforms that increase the possibilities of selling a property or to Help the new construction buyer visualize what their home could be like.
Prime Real Estate 18
An exclusive home deserves an exclusive service Being different makes us unique. We offer value-added services that They differentiate us from the competition and make us go where others cannot. they arrive.
Predictive Analytics Strategy
Digitally Human Our firm commitment to innovation has led us to create the digital environment most suitable and prepared to sell your home. We are a Proptech with the most cutting-edge and modern tools, such as real estate big data (Predictive Analytics Strategy) that It helps not only sell more, but better.
Home Tour Video personalized
A service with DNACano&Pujol Estates We generate superior audiovisual material that gives value to the housing, which makes the difference with other properties and which represents something different from what other real estate agencies offer. One of ours real estate advisors act as host in front of the camera, touring the property for sale and highlighting its strong points, thus multiplying your purchasing possibilities. We create a story unique that only great houses deserve. It is a tool exclusive, with Cano&Pujol DNA; a strategic tool that It unquestionably provides differential value.
Do you know what a #CloserdeSales?
Success is not for those They think they can do something but for those who do it The sales closer is the figure in charge within our company to increase the flow of high-value sales. It is that professional who has the training, infrastructure, nose and experience necessary to get the greatest possible profitability from a home.
Positioning premium in main real estate portals
If you don't appear on the first page you don't exist Do you want your home for sale always appear on the first page? We guarantee that it will be so. We make a strong investment advertising in the main Spanish real estate portals (Fotocasa, Habitaclia, Idealista, Pisos.com and Yaencontre) and also on international portals to market the way homes more effective.
We accompany you throughout the entire process
The saying goes that if we walk alone we will arrive quickly but if we do it accompanied we will arrive further. far. That is where we have our sights set, because we always want to reach port. in a decision As important and vital as buying/selling a house is, no one should go into it blindly or alone; we put to your a team of legal, financial and tax advisors is available to guarantee the viability of the operation and so that bureaucracy does not prevent us from achieving the goal.
New construction promotions
Soil search, study of feasibility, commercialization and after-sales Off-plan purchasing has been booming in recent years, as it offers numerous advantages when moving house: possibility of choosing the apartment that interests you the most, enjoy a personalized home, better materials and more modern developments, facilities payment, guarantees and legal security for the buyer. Our distribution and marketing capacity, in turn, makes each More and more real estate developers offer us their construction promotions new exclusively; We have a wide portfolio of promotions national and also international (Miami).
Department of Rentals
The same premium care, for your rental properties At Fincas Cano&Pujol we are specialized in buying/selling real estate and we also have a department dedicated exclusively to rentals that has all the tools at the service of real estate marketing. We guarantee effectiveness, safety and fully personalized support in all efforts.

"We for your house we do everything. We care about homes and We care about people. At Fincas Cano&Pujol we are you real estate alternative"
— David Cano, General Director of Fincas Cano&Pujol